Welcome to CXS:

Based in Ontario Canada; Canadian Exploration Services Limited (CXS) is one of the most trusted sources of quality geophysics and exploration services in Ontario. CXS has been a part of the exploration and discovery process for over 14 years.

From permitting bridges and other water crossings to organizing crews for the staking rush; CXS is the team to work with.

Having a professional and seasoned management team allows CXS to design and execute exploration programs ranging from simple claim staking and soil sampling to advanced geophysics and diamond drilling logistics.

An unparalleled level of support and supervision enables CXS to deliver superior services to any region, all while staying on budget, keeping on schedule, and maintaining safety; without compromising quality and data collection.

Please take a few moments to learn more about us by visiting the remainder of our site or contact us directly: we look forward to working with you on your next discovery.

Contact us Toll Free at 877-504-2345 or email us at info@cxsltd.com

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